With the support of World Bank, a series of events were held in Hatay, Kahramanmaras, Kilis and Adana provinces within the scope of “Project for Supporting Social Integration” in cooperation with the Ministry of Interior, General Directorate of Migration Management and Turkish Rec Crescent Community Centers.

The project aims to support social cohesion through sports, art and technology with 17 different events held in 4 different cities. Technology Workshops and Intelligence Games Classes were opened in order to provide easy access for children to different education paths in schools in regions where vulnerable groups live heavily. Table tennis tournaments were organized in almost all provinces where the events were held, aiming at the harmonization of young people through sports. On the other hand, efforts were made to raise awareness for vulnerable groups with events such as Women's Football Tournament and wheelchair basketball. Bicycle Tour and Mobile Theatre, which attracted great interest in the events, witnessed the participation of beneficiaries of all ages from local and international identities.

This project, with the activities carried out, not only aims to create a strong society but also aims to promote cohesion and increase the resilience of society through the development of a culture of peaceful coexistence of international beneficiaries and local people.

The first of the events, wheelchair basketball event attracted great attention was held in Hatay, with the participation of Deputy Governor Aydın Tetikoğlu, Deputy Mayor of Hatay Metropolitan Municipality Atty. Murat Hayzaran, Republic of Turkey Ministry of Interior Directorate General of Migration Management Dr. Gökçe Ok,  Provincial Director of Youth and Sports Cemil Şensöz, and the Director of Turkish Red Crescent Migration Services Bayram Selvi. It was worth seeing the excitement and determination of the athletes in the event, where the audience participation was also intense. The message given in the match, which ended in a draw in friendship, was respect for differences and brotherhood.

Table Tennis Tournament in Kahramanmaraş

The next stop in the activities was Kahramanmaraş. Celalettin Güvenç, Chairman of the Parliamentary Internal Affairs Committee, Kahramanmaraş Governor Ömer Faruk Coşkun, Kahramanmaraş Provincial Migration Management Director Burak Yolcuoğlu, Provincial Director of the Ministry of Youth and Sports Cemil Boz and Turkish Red Crescent Migration Services Director Bayram Selvi attended the table tennis event. In the tournament, in which young athletes participated heavily, Fatih Kaya became the 1st in the senior category, Muhammed Kürdiye became the 1st in the junior category, and Ahmed Çuha was the 1st in the champion of hearts category.

More than one activity was held in Kilis within the scope of the Project of Support To Harmonization In Turkey. In Kilis, which hosted the Technology Workshop, cycling tour, football and table tennis tournaments, the interest of local and innational participants in sports was worth seeing.

Women's Football in Adana

The events held in Adana also hosted colourful moments. The chain of events in the city started with the opening of the Intelligence Games Classes at Barbaros Secondary School. The healthy development of children was aimed with various mind and strategy games that contribute greatly to the mental development of children. In the event, where the Table Tennis Tournament was also held, Women's Football attracted the greatest attention. In the football tournament, which was held with the participation of Adana Provincial Immigration Administration Director Mustafa Cengiz Bilen and Turkish Red Crescent Board Member Ramazan Saygılı, it was said in unison that "friendship is won on the field".

Pedal for Brotherhood

As part of the "Support To Harmonization In Turkey Project", a bicycle tour was organized in the Samandağ District of Hatay. The bike tour, which also attracted the attention of the press, started with the opening speech of Hatay Deputy Governor Erhan Günay, Deputy General Director of Republic of Turkey Ministry of Interior Directorate General of Migration Management Gökçe Ok and Turkish Red Crescent Deputy Director General Alper Küçük. With the participation of the beneficiaries and bicycle enthusiasts, they pedaled all the way to the finish track.

Gökçe Ok, Deputy Director General of Migration Management, expressed his thoughts on the event as follows; “We aim to reach young people, we aim to reach people of all ages. We're trying to tell people that brotherhood is a good business. “

Turkish Red Crescent Deputy Director Manager Alper Küçük in his speech said “We did sports together with our immigrant brothers and we worked for social cohesion with our citizens through sports. Today, we experience together what a wonderful feeling it is to be united.”

Mobile Theater Excitement in Temporary Housing Centers

With the realized project, a first was signed in Hatay, Kilis and Kahramanmaraş. As a result of great efforts and preparations, the Mobile Theater was established in the Temporary Accommodation Centers in these 3 provinces. As a result of a truck being transformed into a theater stage and transported to different provinces, the people living in the camps met with the theater.

The emotional bond between the artists and the audience, who performed a special play in which their own stories were told to the immigrants, was worth seeing. The children, who met with theater for the first time in their lives, could not hide their astonishment for a long time.

Mobile Theater was taken to Temporary Housing Centers in Hatay, Kilis and Kahramanmaraş, and families living in the camps were brought together with the theater. In the face of this step taken within the scope of supporting cohesion through art, the happiness and interest of children was especially worth seeing.