The final sitting of the "Seeds of Hope Project", conducted in cooperation with the Urfa Governor's Office, World Vision and the Turkish Red Crescent Şanlıurfa Community Center, was held in Şanlıurfa with the participation of our beneficiaries.

The final sitting of the project was attended by Şanlıurfa Deputy Governor Abid Öztoprak, World Vision Syria Operations Director Eka Zhavania, World Vision Senior Representative Cenk Kalfaoğlu and Kızılay Şanlıurfa Chairperson of the Branch Dr. Ahmet Hamdi İnan and our Socio-economic Empowerment Program Manager Cihan Arsu also attended. Following the evaluation of the project, interviews were also held with our beneficiaries.

Within the context of the “Seeds of Hope Project”, more than 1,300 Syrian beneficiaries and participants from the host community received support in different fields to provide a better life for their children and create a source of income. The socio-economic empowerment project, which started in June 2021 and continued until March 2022, was successfully realized in cooperation with the Urfa Governorship, Red Crescent and World Vision.

“We are Working Together to Build a Better Future for Children”

By courtesy of the project, around 150 beneficiaries attended vocational courses designed to help them gain economic independence. Thus, many families re-registered their children, for whom they had to interrupt their education, to school. World Vision officials said, “We are working together to build a better future for children” and remarked the importance of cooperation.

Beneficiaries who received support and attended courses in many different fields also received transportation assistance to help them complete their training in a more efficient way. Within the context of the project, apart from vocational training, 45 participants were also given financial support to start the job they wanted and to provide the equipment they needed.

About 20 trainees received training on small and large ruminant breeding and care in Suruç, Şanlıurfa. More than 50 participants were provided with transportation support to facilitate their participation in the courses.

Goals of Project Achieved

300 adult beneficiaries participated in psychological support sessions by means of the “Seeds of Hope Project”, which aims to support migrants and the host community by diversifying their service areas. A study was conducted to ensure and maintain psychological well-being for 715 children in total, consisting of 370 boys and 345 girls.

From time to time, there were emotional moments during the conclusion and evaluation meeting, where the beneficiaries also shared the benefits and experiences they gained from the project. The final sitting of the project ended with a family photo taken together, after the parties expressed their satisfaction with the cooperation, the beneficiaries expressed the benefits they have gained by being a part in such a project, and mutual thanks were conveyed.